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Copaxone® is the #1 prescribed brand for relapsing MS in the US 1*

Trust Teva’s Shared Solutions® to partner with you, your patients, and your practice

When starting your patients on COPAXONE®, be sure to enroll them in Teva’s Shared Solutions®

Prescription & Service Request Form (PSR) download
Download the Prescription & Service Request Form (PSR)
Download Form
Specify Dispense as Written (DAW) every time you write a COPAXONE® prescription, for new and refill prescriptions, either when using the PSR form or otherwise
  • When you prescribe Teva’s COPAXONE®, be sure to specify Dispense as Written (DAW) on the Teva’s Shared Solutions® PSR Form
  • If you are not using Teva's Shared Solutions® Enrollment and Prescription Form, be sure to specify Dispense as Written (DAW), Do Not Substitute, No Substitution, Brand Medically Necessary, or Brand Necessary for both new and refill prescriptions for COPAXONE®
  • Taking this action helps ensure that the pharmacy cannot substitute Teva’s COPAXONE® with a generic without your authorization
  • Taking this action also helps ensure that your patients receive what you actually prescribed (Almost 90% of all US brand prescriptions written as DAW are filled with the brand as intended)
Fax the completed PSR Form to 1-800-755-5834 and we'll take care of the rest.


Appeals Letter Template download

Appeals Letter Template

This template is an example of an appeals letter that payers may require to appeal a denial of coverage.

Download Form
Letter of Medical Necessity download

Letter of Medical Necessity Template

This template is an example of an appeals letter that payers may require to establish medical necessity.

Download Form

A personalized approach to help patients start on 3-times-a-week COPAXONE® 40 mg/mL

Teva’s Shared Solutions® Case Managers offer personalized patient support

Case Managers help with

3-times-a-week COPAXONE® 40 mg/mL patients have access to MS-certified nurse support 24/7

Teva’s Shared Solutions® is there for patients when they need support — compassionate, MS-certified nurses are available by phone around the clock, so your COPAXONE® patients will have the support they need.

Peer support

Teva’s Shared Solutions® connects patients with relapsing MS to one-on-one peer support

Teva’s Shared Solutions® understands the importance of making a personal connection with someone who has had similar experiences. Shared Solutions® cares about keeping patients connected with RMS peers so you can be confident that your patients are also receiving support from people who can relate to their experiences living with RMS.

MS Peers are peers with relapsing forms of MS who have been compensated by Teva.

Patient educational programs

Teva’s Shared Solutions® cares about connecting patients to other patients with MS, healthcare professionals, and field nursing experts who can help educate them about MS and their COPAXONE® therapy. Patients are offered live educational events, webcasts, and teleconferences so you can be confident that your patients are informed and empowered.

Shared Solutions®
RMS Community
MS Peers

Patients with relapsing forms of MS. MS peers are compensated by Teva.

Teva’s Shared Solutions® is committed to helping your patients find financial solutions to start and stay on their COPAXONE® treatment
Explore financial solutions
In-home initial injection trainings help support patients' injection experience
Learn more
The COPAXONE iTracker® 2.0 mobile app helps your patients manage their injections

Injections for 3-times-a-week COPAXONE® 40 mg must be at least 48 hours apart.


COPAXONE® is contraindicated in patients with known hypersensitivity to glatiramer acetate or mannitol.
Approximately 16% of patients exposed to COPAXONE® 20 mg per mL compared to 4% of those on placebo, and approximately 2% of

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